14 February 2012

fashion, food, february

FIRST OF ALL, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I know that some of you have a grudge against this holiday, but take the time to tell the people close to you how much you love them - no matter if it's your parents, your boyfriend, or your dog! Everyone deserves a little bit of love today. And just for Valentine's I thought I would share with you what I love about February! I adore these prints by Hop Skip Jump Paper and the lovely Valentine's cup DIY from Eat Drink Chic. Have a romantic day everyone, full of chocolates and flowers!

P.S. If you want an extra little treat today, head on over to my Facebook page to enter an exciting giveaway that I'll be blogging about this week!


  1. Love this little post! Your new layout looks amazing! I always love seeing what you have to post:)





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