27 February 2012

in front of the camera

GOOD MORNING AND happy Monday! I know my new site design has been up for a couple weeks now, but I wanted to officially announce it to my readers today! It took a lot of long hours of brainstorming concepts, figuring out the right css code, and playing with colours, but I'm so happy with the end result. I shot a quick video the other week, basically to say hello and to give my readers a little taste of who I am and what I sound like! I know, my voice is extremely girly... This is only accentuated more by the mic I'm wearing. So, I hope you all have a listen and I want to thank you once again for being so supportive. It means the world to me! 

Thanks to Kelly Swanson for the photo above, and a special thanks to my incredible videographer Andrew Cho and his endless patience while I giggled and flip-flopped my words in front of the camera. After 35 takes or so, we got it!


  1. Great video! I love the trench coat on you. And congrats on the new site. Sometimes, readers like me take for granted the effort it takes for bloggers to code and design, until we do it ourselves.

  2. I love the new site and you look so cute in your video!!



  3. You're a natural in front of the camera. I'm sure the giggles helped :)



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