09 February 2012

travel appropriate

ONE OF MY favourite parts about travelling is the plane ride. I love cracking open a brand new novel, penning a few notes in my travel diary, and flipping through the pages of my favourite magazines. For any flight I like to dress cute and casual, but for specifically New York, I think layers are the key. Add a scarf, a pair of my favourite jeans, and easy to slip on-and-off boots, and I will be set! Also, how cute is the pink Michael Kors passport case and the perfectly simple and stylish bfrend bracelet? So in love. What is your go-to outfit and essential accessories for travelling? Have a happy Thursday!

1. Jessica Simpson Collection
2. Dorothy Perkins
3. Beats by Dre
4. Michael Kors
5. bfrend by Monika
6. J. Crew
7. Modcloth
8. Aldo
9. Mulberry
10. Michael Kors
11. J Brand


  1. Are you actually going to NY?!

  2. great choices here! especially love the dorothy perkins scarf!

    alissa b

  3. loving your choice of travel outfit - i recently traveled to the dominican republic and did a similar post on what to wear for the flight - though i can't believe you actually enjoy the flight itself! haha i think that's the worst part about traveling. anyways, have a wonderful time!

    julesinflats.blogspot.com (a Vancouverite new to blogging)

  4. I always wear stretchy jeans, a comfy tee, and my American Apparel circle scarf since it can double as a blanket if the plane is too cold. And my biggest shoes so they don't take up room in my luggage.

  5. I also love plain rides! <3 Lovely picks here!



  6. I love your picks! Absolutely travel perfect:-)



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