31 March 2012

enjoy the weekend

I'VE HAD A busy, crazy week. Well, it feels like every week has a little bit of craziness in it, doesn't it? So I'm allowing myself this weekend to sleep in as much as possible, laugh as much as possible, and dream up as many ideas as possible. Sleep, laugh and dream. I could get used to that.

Here's a few lovely links that will put a smile on your face this weekend:

Five Things to Try This Weekend from The Glitter Guide - unplug, dress down, and relax
Design something fun with so many stylish free fonts from Misstiina.com
Ten Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls from Kate Elizabeth Connor - what I wish I'd known
Harness a little creativity with this DIY Jewelry Display video from Wendy's Lookbook
Vancouver Gastown Engagement from Kelly Swanson Photography - Young love, brick buildings & coffee shops

Enjoy the weekend everyone! Remember it's Earth Hour today at 8:30pm!


  1. i totally agree that the weekend is for sleeping! :P Hope your sleep was amazing :) xkim

  2. I couldn't agree with this post more. Cute photos to accompany it. xx

  3. Thank you for inspiring me with this beautiful post dear!




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