13 April 2012

left my heart in nyc

THE CITY THAT never sleeps. Sigh. Andrew and I went to New York City in February and everythingthe atmosphere, the lights, the people who are always in a rushcompletely captured my heart. Side note: this post is way overdue. We took so many photos in New York that it became a scary, daunting task for me to go through them all and edit them. It was taking me forever to choose my favourites! So I've settled on two separate posts: one, for a photo diary, and a second to showcase this video. I have a permanent smile on my face while watching this. So many moments captured. And, despite my unprepared outfits for the weather (classic Chelle to think NYC will be 10 degrees warmer than Vancouver) and the fact that we optimistically thought we'd make it to every tourist stop on our list (big fail) the trip was perfect.

P.S. Feel free to make fun of my dorky, excited tourist voice. I couldn't help it... the city amazed me.


  1. Do a lil' slideshow with the photos if it's too much :)

    I miss NYC :(

    xo Joana

  2. I adore NYC and ache to go back! You look incredibly chic if it makes you feel better for being cold! Thanks for sharing the video :)


  3. Hi Chelle, I love this video! You just tempted me to go back to NYC. Thanks for sharing!

    xo Jo


  4. Oh I hear you my dear… NYC is just magical.

    The city that never sleeps feeds on to your spirit! You dream the big dreams in New York City!

    I just discovered your blog and I love it!


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