01 June 2012

friday love

I'VE BECOME SUCH a night owl. It's 2:30am, I'm wide awake and consumed by the never-ending fashion blogs that I can't stop reading. And, it's Friday, already. I feel like this week just flew by! It's been an interesting week, full of questions, decisions, and change. Big changes. I'll fill you in on the details in a little while. For now, here's five things that I think you'll enjoy: TGIF!

1. How To Shop at Forever 21 via Thought Catalog. Ladies, you can't deny it! Every time.
2. Five Ways to Style Your Home with Chevron Print via the Glitter Guide. Fabulous ideas to incorporate one of my favourite patterns.
3. Mrs 50 Shades via Mrs. Lilien Styling House. Incorporating fashion, design and this steamy book.
4. How To Start Your Blog with a Bang via A Beautiful Mess. Such humble, down-to-earth tips for those of you thinking of joining the blogosphere!
5. Straight 'A' Style via Meagan from TheStyleSpy. Congrats, grads! A few lovely dresses to make sure you stay fashionable under that cap & gown.


  1. It's amazing how addicting other fashion blogs can be...from their style and from their personality! I'm the same way...time just slips by as I piddle around on the internet!

    Love the links...will definitely check them out!

    Great post and happy weekend!

    alissa b

  2. I have been where you are! Blogs are so addicting and I find this happening to me more often than not lol. Can't wait to check out these links!

    XO Kelley

  3. Thanks for posting the links. I'm on the second book of 50 shades, must say it's getting interesting. Going to EAT Vancouver this weekend, can't wait. Are you going? Have an awesome weekend!

    xo Jo


  4. haha the forever 21 thing is so relatable... i was there today, and searched for something, anything! for a whole hour and left with a tshirt and 2 pairs of earrings... i think i was actually there looking for a skirt!

  5. Oh I know, right?

    I can spend hours and hours on blogs and fashion mags too!

    And F21 - yes!


    Twenty York Street


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