29 August 2012

wear the pants

FOR A SHORT girl like me of barely 5'2" it is really freaking difficult to find pants that fit well and are, most of all, flattering to my small-yet-curvy figure. Not to mention jeans  practically a nightmare of trying on a thousand different pairs. Except when I put on these Madewell trousers that I found on my trip to SoHo. The fit, the colour, the waist, the length. All perfect! And the bright colour is really fun to dress up with prints, or dress down with a simple grey tee. Versatility at its finest.

On another thought, I can't wait for the long weekend. Halfway there! Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

Blouse, H&M | Trousers, Madewell | Heels, Steve Madden | Watch, Michael Kors

Photography by Andrew Cho


  1. both my mom and my sister are petite and its so hard to find good quality clothing at with the right fit. these madewell jeans look awesome on you and are the perfect length! Have a happy Wednesday and be sure to enter to win sponsorship on my blog! .

  2. Those pants look great on you, Chelle! Love the bright red colour.

    xo, alison*elle

  3. Love this look so much! It reminds me of Cruella DeVille but in a good way :)
    <3 Kastles

  4. I love how classy this look is! So simple and chic!

    XO Kelley

  5. such a fabulous look! in love with your peplum top!

    Fashion Fractions

  6. Great look! I just love how good it feels to find a pair of perfectly fitted pants :)

  7. Oh Madewell. I'm so glad they ship to Canada so I can get my fix when I can't cross the border.

  8. you look stunning my dear- A reader of mine just asked me to do a post for petites, and at 5' and 8.5" I really had no clue! After all, I have spent my whole life trying to figure out what looks good on me- a tall girl! haha- Anyway, I will deff refer her to your blog for some inspiration!! The whole look is perfect.

    With Love From Hollywood, Kier

    Fashion Addict
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  9. i have the same issue! i'm 5 ft and curvy and have the worst time finding figure flattering pants.. must try this madewell pair, so chic on you!!

  10. Ohh the search for the right pants... I know all about it! And I am 5'9" ;-)

    But these pants that you found look great on you. I agree, all the factors seem to be right. Great find! And the peplum top is lovely as well :-)

    xo Leonie


  11. I adore this H&M top I really need to go and try it on!



  12. simply gorgeous! i love your tousled curls!

    alissa b

  13. I love the red pants in this look! I am just curious, do you ever dress down? I think you could really work a casual look because you are so naturally pretty. I'd enjoy seeing more of your casual outfits!

  14. Again with your chic black, white and red! Love that spotted top...like I said, I've got my dalmatian print dress WAITING for fall weather to finally roll around.

    I didn't realize we were both 5'2"!!! I have the same trouble with pants...wish I could find some that fit as well as these :) My best find yet has been Rockstar jeans at Old Navy, randomly enough.

    <3 Cambria

  15. Pants shopping for short people is the worst... especially when curves are involved. I pretty much have two places where I buy pants because they a: aren't so obscenely long that they need hemming and b: seem to take into account actual human proportions when they are made. Hello, Mavi and Zara. Otherwise, I'm totally at a loss. I love this Madewell pair on you, though. The colour is gorgeous!

  16. you're super cute, darling! And i love the combo of leo and red! They were meant to be worn together!



  17. I love the look, very chic!

    xo Andrea


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