04 September 2012

main squeeze

A READER COMMENTED on my previous blog post asking if I ever dress down and do a casual look. Yes! I definitely don't wear blouses or dresses or heels every day. Actually, my typical day-to-day outfit is skinny jeans and a loose fitting top, with minimal makeup and soft curls. As a blogger (and I'll be perfectly honest with you) I often throw on a pair of heels when I take my outfit photos, even if I wear flats the rest of the day. I find I get that extra confidence boost, especially with these classic nude Aldo pumps. Also, I think that key bloggers do casual so well it's insane and in comparison, my sense of dressing down seems... Simple. So I stick to what I find is exciting in my wardrobe, what makes me think outside my fashion comfort zone, and what I feel pushes me to constantly develop my style. 

Which means you probably won't see a whole lot of casual outfits here on Discovering Elegance, and instead I give you my absolute favourite blouse in my whole entire wardrobe. Bright, 100% silk, and so versatile. Joe Fresh, you are my main squeeze.

Blouse, Joe Fresh | Jeans, J Brand | Blazer, Kimchi Blue | Pumps, Aldo | Clutch, Vintage | Watch, Michael Kors

Photography by Andrew Cho


  1. Gorgeous blouse! I've never seen anything like it at Joe Fresh - I love it!

  2. Gorgeous lady! So wish we had got those blouses! And you let out our secrets! hahaha, I wear heels all the time :) hahaha have a good week lovely~
    <3 Kastles

  3. I absolutely love the colour of that blouse! It looks beautiful on you.

  4. I definitely don't wear heels all the time either! Most of the time they're purely for blog photos. I enjoy your classic, dressed up looks and it suits your blog; I mean, it is named Discovering Elegance after all :)


  5. I love the vibrancy of that green blouse on you! Looks so stunning with your tan. I love Joe Fresh too, and I'm so glad that we have a store here in Vancouver! I hope you had a wonderful Labour Day weekend.

    xo Ana

  6. It's funny, I sometimes find myself asking the same question... about my own style! I'm so often in skinnies and blouses, but when it comes to the blog, most of what you see is dresses and skirts. And all of those lovely heels? I mainly wear them for photos :) I guess we bloggers are all alike in some ways! You look gorgeous in your slightly more casual - but still completely put together - outfit. I've been meaning to ask... How do you do your hair? Your curls always look amazing.

  7. love the side by side photos--you look stunning. and that top looks so comfy & its such a great color.

    i feel the same way about dressing down!--if i'm not going somewhere or out, i'm all about a comfy tee and a shorts haha.

    great photos, great post!

    alissa b

  8. That green is soooooo pretty...fun to see you in casual wear. I'm normally in skirts and dresses too, and almost always wear heels even with casual...so I totally have had the same question :)

    <3 Cambria

  9. Absolutely love your style! So glad I found you on instagram! Following your blog now :)

    xo Rach || Rachel Coletta

  10. Such a beautiful look! Trop belle, my dear. :) Loving how casual yet elegant this look is, and I especially love that awesomely bright lime blouse!

    With love from San Francisco, California, USA,





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