30 July 2013

all smiles

I know it is extremely cliche to talk about the weather, but can I please just say how incredible Vancouver has been lately? When our good fortune finally disappears I'm going to go through major sunshine withdrawal. Last week one of my best friends Alanna and I went to Fort Langley for lunch, and she was my lovely model for a photography project I was working on for class. I love this little town, it's so full of vintage charm. The Little White House is one of my favourite spots for tea and macarons, especially after a delicious chickpea & sweet potato salad from Wendel's Bookstore & Cafe.

Due to the hot weather, I've been wearing crop tops and circle skirts like no other. It's such an easy outfit to throw on, and the best part is I can exchange heels for flats if I need to get a bit more dressed up. What's your summer uniform this year? Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. cute!! sounds like a lovely day!

  2. So ironic cause I was so bummed about the cloudy weather in North Van that I didn't even bother going outside. Gorgeous outfit, though. Love how vibrant it is!

  3. i wish i visited this place while my stay in Vancouver :( </3

  4. This place looks absolutely charming! It's a bit far for me since I have no car - would you happen to know of any equally cute places closer to the city? ;)


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