17 July 2013

boston strong

Although I haven't been the most active blogger as of late (blaming school and life in general, as always) I have been travelling quite a bit! Just over a month ago this guy flew me out East to visit him and we decided to take a weekend trip to Boston. It was one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities I've been to, and it really had a Vancouver-esque feel to it, which I loved. The architecture was just stunning with that distinct east coast look, and the whole city seemed to be outside enjoying themselves. We had so much fun exploring Cambridge  If I had the opportunity, I'd be at Harvard in a heartbeat.

It really was amazing to see a city that had been through so much be so alive and strong. New York, I think you have a bit of competition; Boston might have just stolen my heart!

Shorts, Urban Outfitters (old) | Sandals, Bamboo from Muse Social Fashion House | Vest, F21 | Purse, Aldo

Thanks to Andrew for most of these photos!

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