24 March 2014

dash of leopard

I thought about it the other day, and I have had this leopard printed blouse for over five years. It's faded a bit, and has a small rip at the seam, but I still have kept it after all this time. It's just a simple H&M top, but it got me thinking about longevity. How many pieces in my closet have I kept for years? I love buying items on trend, but at the same time I've been more conscious about my purchasing habits and gravitating towards neutrals and classic pieces. Something that I'll still love in five years, or be happy to donate instead of just throw away. In the words of Vivienne Westwood, buy less and choose well. Have a lovely Monday everyone. xo

White jeans // Black Orchid Denim via Muse Fashion
Leopard blouse and trench // H&M
Heels and bag // BCBG
Lipstick 'Russian Red' // MAC
Thanks to Marissa for the photos!

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